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Chocolate Coffee Truffles  
World Traditional Recipe ドイツ

German style coffee flavored chocolate truffles. Add instant coffee powder to hot milk and stir to dissolve. Then pour it over chocolate and melt. By combining with hot cream, the alcohol in rum will mostly be evaporated, but if you prefer, you can make them without rum.
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●Preparation Tip

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Chop chocolate into fine pieces.

Bring cream to a boil.

Add instant coffee powder and rum. Stir to dissolve. (Photo #1)

Pour in the coffee mixture to the chocolate. (Photo #2)

Stir well and blend. (Photo #3)

Pour the mixture into a square or rectangular dish and refrigerate until hard.

Stir the hardened ganache, then roll into 3cm balls between the palms of your hands. (Photo #4)

Dust with cocoa powder or confectioners’ sugar.

Servings per Recipe Calories per Serving Ready In
one 12cm X 15cm dish, 10 truffles  266kcal 90 minutes
chocolate 100g 
whipping cream 50g 
instant coffee powder 5g 
rum 3g 
cocoa powder  
confectioners’ sugar  
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