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BARQUETTE Walnut Cakes  
World Traditional Recipe ベルギー

Belgian style cakes. “Barquette” means a “small boat” in French, and barquette molds (small boat-shaped molds) are used to bake these cakes. Barquetts baking molds have commonly become available at discount stores, etc., however, if they are not available, you can substitute with small tart molds. Instead of piping, you can spoon the batter into the molds.
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Sift together almond powder and flour.

Roast, then chop walnuts roughly.

In a bowl, cream together cream cheese, butter and sugar.

Gradually stir in beaten eggs and blend until smooth and even. (Photo #1)

Mix in the sifted dry ingredients and 70g of the walnuts, in that order. (Photo #2)

Fill small boat-shaped molds with the batter 4/5 full. (Photo #3)

Sprinkle 30g of the walnuts over the surfaces. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 °C (365 °F) for about 12 minutes until brown. (Photo #4)

Servings per Recipe Calories per Serving Ready In
18 cakes  285kcal 60 minutes
cream cheese 80g 
butter 80g 
sugar 100g 
whole eggs 100g 
almond powder 50g 
cake flour 50g 
walnuts 100g 
- Allow cream cheese and butter to soften at room temperature.

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