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Nama Chocolate with Walnuts  
World Traditional Recipe ベルギー

Belgian style standard “nama chocolate” recipe. By adding butter and honey, you can enhance the taste and flavor. For an even richer chocolate flavor, try using chocolate with a high cacao content that has recently become popular in Japan.
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●Preparation Tip

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Roast walnuts and chop them finely.

Chop chocolate finely.

Heat cream and bring it to the boil.

Place the chocolate in a bowl and pour in the hot cream. (Photo #1)

Leave for a while until the chocolate starts to melt, then stir well. (Photo #2)

Mix in butter and honey. (Photo #3)

Add the walnuts and mix.

Transfer the mixture into a plastic-wrap-lined pan to a depth of about 1cm. (Photo #4)

After chilling in the refrigerator, cut into 1cm cubes. If the chocolate is still sticky even after being chilled, freeze it until hard before cutting. (Photo #5)

Servings per Recipe Calories per Serving Ready In
one 20cm X 15cm rectangular pan  227kcal 90 minutes
whipping cream 50g 
chocolate 100g 
butter 20g 
honey 10g 
walnuts 60g 
- Allow butter to soften at room temperature.

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