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Petits Fours Amandes Chocolat  
World Traditional Recipe スイス

Swiss style two-layer cakes. Bake the bottom cookie dough beforehand, then spread the chocolate batter on top. Enjoy the combination of almonds and soft chocolate.
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●Preparation Tip
●Cookie Dough

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In a bowl, cream together butter and sugar.

Add beaten egg and blend well. (Photo #1)

Fold in flour and mix until well combined.

Roll out the dough to 5mm thick in a baking pan. (Photo #2)

Bake in a preheated oven at 180 °C (365 °F) for about 15 minutes until golden. Allow the cake to cool. (Photo #3)

●Chocolate Batter

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Chop chocolate.

Roast sliced almonds in the oven until golden.

Place cream in a bowl or saucepan. Place over heat and bring the cream to a boil.

Add the chopped chocolate and melt. Mix in almonds. (Photo #1)


Photo #1
When the chocolate batter is being cooled and becomes creamy, spread it over the baked cookie dough and make a thick chocolate layer. (Photo #1)

Let chill in the refrigerator until solid, then cut into 3cm squares.

Servings per Recipe Calories per Serving Ready In
one 12cm X 15cm baking pan  424kcal 120 minutes
Cookie Dough
butter 50g 
sugar 20g 
whole egg 30g 
cake flour 50g 
- Allow butter to soften at room temperature.
- Sift flour.

Chocolate Batter
whipping cream 100g 
chocolate 50g 
sliced almonds 50g 
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