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Almond Flavored Cakes  
World Traditional Recipe ベルギー

Belgian style cakes. Beat egg whites until stiff, then alternately mix the meringue and flour together in several additions. When baked, brush with the syrup while the cakes are still hot.
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In a bowl, cream together butter and half of the sugar (50g).

Stir in egg yolks and almond powder, in that order. (Photo #1)

In a bowl, combine egg whites and the rest of the sugar (50g). Beat until stiff. (Photo #2)

To the butter mixture (#1), alternately stir in the meringue (#3) and flour in several additions. (Photo #3)

Fill small round cups or tartlet molds with the batter 4/5 full. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 °C (365 °F) for about 15 minutes until brown.

While baking, mix sugar syrup and rum.

When baked, brush with the syrup generously while the cakes are still hot, then allow them to cool. (Photo #4)

Servings per Recipe Calories per Serving Ready In
twelve 6cm tart molds  375kcal 60 minutes
butter 100g 
sugar 100g 
egg yolks 60g 
almond powder 50g 
egg whites 90g 
cake flour 100g 
sugar syrup 40g 
rum 10g 
- Allow butter to soften at room temperature.
- Sift almond powder.
- Sift flour.

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