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Milky Cheese Cake  
World Traditional Recipe フランス

French style moist rich cheese cake. You can bake the cheese batter in tart shells, however, we don’t use tart shells in this recipe. In order to remove the cakes from the molds easily, line the molds with baking paper.
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●Preparation Tip

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Grate lemon skin and squeeze out the juice.

In a bowl, cream together cream cheese and butter.

Mix in egg, sugar, flour, grated lemon skin and lemon juice, in that order. (Photo #1)

Mix in whipping cream and blend well until smooth. (Photo #2)

Fill small square molds with the batter 4/5 full. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 °C (320 °F) for about 25 minutes until brown. (Photo #3)

Servings per Recipe Calories per Serving Ready In
four 6 cm X 6 cm square molds  231kcal 45 minutes
cream cheese 100g 
butter 10g 
whole egg 50g 
sugar 40g 
lemon 0.5 
cake flour 10g 
whipping cream 50g 
- Allow cream cheese and butter to soften at room temperature.
- Sift flour.
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