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Pancakes with Whipped Cream Filling  
World Traditional Recipe スイス

Swiss style pancakes made from a waffle batter. Brown both sides in a frying pan, then fill with whipped cream. For a richer flavor, you can add the same amount of custard for the filling. To enjoy different variations, you can also serve the pancakes with cut fruit and chocolate sauce.
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●Preparation Tip

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Combine egg yolks and sugar in a bowl. Stir in milk, whipping cream and flour, in that order. (Photo #1)

In a bowl, beat egg whites until stiff. (Photo #2)

Stir in melted butter to the egg yolk mixture. Blend.

Add the meringue and mix well.

Pour the batter into a heated frying pan. Swirl the pan around to shape the batter into a flat circle, about 10cm in diameter. Brown on both sides over medium heat. (Photo #3)


Photo #1
Combine cream and sugar in a bowl. Beat until stiff. (Photo #1)

Spoon the whipped cream onto each pancake and fold it in half. Sprinkle with confectioners’ sugar generously and serve with chocolate sauce.

Servings per Recipe Calories per Serving Ready In
21 pancakes  383kcal 120 minutes
cake flour 150g 
whole eggs 150g 
sugar 20g 
milk 250g 
whipping cream 100g 
butter 100g 
- Separate the eggs.
- Sift flour.
- Melt butter.
whipping cream 100g 
sugar 10g 
confectioners’ sugar  
chocolate sauce  
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