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Pumpkin Pancakes  

Pumpkin pancakes using microwaved pumpkin. Peeling is optional - you can microwave the pumpkin without peeling it. Mix all the ingredients and make pancake batter as usual.
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Wrap pumpkin in plastic wrap and microwave it until done.

Remove the pumpkin from the microwave and press it though a sieve. (Photo #1)

Place the pumpkin in a bowl. Mix in egg, milk, melted butter and “hot cake” mix (pancake mix), in that order. (Photo #2)

Pour the batter onto a heated frying pan. Swirl the pan around to shape the batter into a flat circle, about 15cm in diameter. (Photo #3)

Brown on both sides and serve hot with honey and/or butter.

Servings per Recipe Calories per Serving Ready In
5 pancakes  213kcal 60 minutes
pumpkin 200g 
“hot cake” mix (pancake mix) 100g 
whole egg 50g 
milk 100g 
butter 30g 
- Sift “hot cake” mix.
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