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Crumb Top Sweet Potato Bake  
World Traditional Recipe オリジナル

Simple dessert, baked in a tart dish with crumb topping. You can make the dough by simply mixing the ingredients. To make crumbs, cut in solid butter to the dry ingredients and mix (not knead) until crumbly.
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●Preparation Tip
●Sweet Potato Dough

Photo #1
Place cooked and sieved sweet potato in a bowl. Mix in sugar, whipping cream, butter and egg yolk, in that order. (Photo #1)

●Crumb Dough

Photo #1
Sift together sugar, almond powder and flour.

Cut in solid butter. Mix until crumbly. (Photo #1)


Photo #1

Photo #2
Fill a tartlet dish with the sweet potato dough up to the rim. Sprinkle with the crumbs. (Photo #1)

Bake in a preheated oven at 180 °C (356 °F) for about 20 minutes until golden. (Photo #2)

Servings per Recipe Calories per Serving Ready In
one 15cm tart dish  406kcal 90 minutes
Sweet Potato Dough
cooked and sieved sweet potato 130g 
sugar 20g 
whipping cream 40g 
butter 10g 
egg yolk 20g 
- Allow butter to soften at room temperature.
Crumb Dough
butter 50g 
sugar 50g 
almond powder 50g 
cake flour 50g 
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