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White Ring Cake (COURONNE A LA CREME)  
World Traditional Recipe フランス

French style cake, frosted with whipped cream. “Couronne” means “crown,” and round tube cake is called “crown cake” in French. The batter is made under a traditional French recipe, however, you can use any kind of cream for the frosting.
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●Preparation Tip

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Place butter in a bowl. Melt the butter over hot water or low heat. Sift together flour and almond powder and set it aside.

Add 60g of sugar to egg yolks and beat until pale and creamy. (Photo #1)

Add 60g of sugar to egg whites and beat until stiff. (Photo #2)

Stir in the egg white mixture to the egg yolk mixture. Blend. (Photo #3)

Stir in the sifted flour mixture. Mix slightly.

Add melted butter and mix until well combined. (Photo #4)

Pour the batter into a tube cake pan. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 °C (356 °F) for about 25 minutes.

●Filling & Frosting

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After cooling, cut the cake horizontally in half.

Mix together sugar syrup and orange liqueur. Brush the syrup mixture onto the cake layers. (Photo #1)

Add sugar to whipping cream and beat until soft peaks form.

Spread whipped cream on the bottom layer, then top with the remaining layer of the cake. (Photo #2)

Frost with whipped cream. Lightly pat the cream frosting with a pastry knife to form peaks. (Photo #3)

Servings per Recipe Calories per Serving Ready In
1 X 18cm tube cake pan  363kcal 150 minutes
cake flour 100g 
almond powder 15g 
egg yolks 65g 
egg whites 65g 
sugar 120g 
butter 80g 
Filling & Frosting
sugar syrup 100g 
orange liqueur 10g 
whipping cream 150g 
sugar 8g 
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