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Apple Caramel Cake  
World Traditional Recipe イタリア

Italian style cake. Jonathan apples (Kougyoku) are best for this recipe this season, however, if they are not available, you can use other hard-flesh apples such as Fuji. The caramelized apples are the key to making a delicious cake. Heat sugar and butter in a frying pan until the mixture turns brown, then add apple slices and mix.
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●Preparation Tip

Photo #1

Photo #2
Melt butter by double boiling or over low heat.

Add beaten egg and sugar. Beat until it becomes thick. (Photo #1)

Add sifted flour and the melted butter. Blend until smooth and even. (Photo #2)

●Caramelized Apples

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Photo #2

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Wash apple thoroughly and slice it into wedges.

Heat sugar and butter in a frying pan.

Turn off the heat when the mixture turns brown. Then place the apples radially in the pan. (Photo #1)

Pour in the batter over the apples and smooth the surface. (Photo #2)

Place the pan back on medium heat and cover to cook.

When the surface becomes dry and little holes appear on it, place the cake onto a platter to serve. (Photo #3)

Servings per Recipe Calories per Serving Ready In
one cake  165kcal 70 minutes
whole egg 50g 
sugar 30g 
cake flour 60g 
butter 30g 
- Sift flour.

Caramelized Apples
apple 1 
butter 20g 
sugar 25g 
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